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EMNZ Roller Team Warranty FAQ 

Q. My Roller Team motorhome is a UK import, or was purchased from another dealer. What warranty cover do I have?

A. The EMNZ - Roller Team warranty only covers NZ new motorhomes sold by us (European Motorhomes NZ), or one of our retail dealers. In all cases talk to the dealer you purchased the motorhome from first.

Q. Is the habitation warranty transferable?

A. The remainder of the habitation warranty is transferable (see 'Transfer of Warranty' in the warranty document)

Q. Are my appliances (boiler, fridge, gas hob, oven etc) covered by the EMNZ Habitation Warranty?

A. The Thetford, Truma, and Dometic appliances are covered by the respective brand warranties. We can assist with guiding you with any warranty assessments on these items.

Q. Do I need to have regular habitation inspections to keep my warranty valid?

A. We require a check between 11-13 months and 34-36 months, and recommend annual checks regardless of warranty status.

Q. What isn't covered under the EMNZ Habitation Warranty?

A. There are a number of general exclusions including damage caused by modifications, overloading, accidents and negligent actions, or normal wear and tear. (see the warranty document for a full list of exclusions)

If you have any other questions, or have a FAQ that you think should be included, please contact one of the team.

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