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Roller Team Interior

Designed to perform


The sleek Italian design, wrapped in perfectly finished exteriors, sets the scene for all your adventures. But eye-catching designs are just the start for Roller Team motorhomes. Exceptional engineering, robust materials, extensive research and testing mean that your Roller Team motorhome is safe, reliable and practical.

Protection and performance


For added comfort and safety, the roof, side walls and floor of your Roller Team are constructed using our unique EVO TECHNOLOGY.

EVO gives greater protection from the elements and offers exceptional levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. It also improves structural resistance, meaning that you can travel further and for more of the year with complete peace of mind.

Roller Team Protection
Roller Team Innovation

The perfect atmosphere


Roller Team's breathe project focuses on enabling the free movement of air in your motorhome, creating a healthy and protective environment.

Fixed beds are fitted with staves and have breathable fabrics, while ventilation panels are fitted throughout, improving air circulation and stabilising air temperature. This helps prevent condensation, maintaining your Roller Team motorhome in optimal condition and creating a comfortable environment for you.

Reliable, safe and stress-free travel


All Roller Team motorhomes are fully tested to ensure they meet all relevant safety and quality standards. Electric and gas systems are checked to make sure they’ve been properly fitted and are fully operational, and water resistance is also inspected. Climate chamber tests ensure the best possible thermal performance in extremes of temperature.

Roller Team Interior
Roller Team Interior

Stylish and practical


Each of our stylish, contemporary and neutral upholstery ranges are carefully designed and selected to create a bright and welcoming living space, while still allowing you to customise your Roller Team motorhome to your heart’s desire.

Each fabric is chosen on its durability and cleanability, meaning you can live life to the full and still enjoy a spotless motorhome.

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