Roller Team Auto-Roller 707

Whether you’re a large family, love to travel with friends or are always welcoming unexpected guests when out exploring, the magnificent six berth Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 is your first-choice of motorhome. The impressive design and lavish bed layouts makes for a guaranteed peaceful night’s sleep.

Roller Team Auto Roller 707
Roller Team Auto Roller 746

Roller Team Auto-Roller 746

Whether you’re a large family or just enjoy hosting an evening of entertainment and drinks, the Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 will fit your criteria. The sophisticated and spacious design of this motorhome suits families and friends alike.

Roller Team Auto-Roller 747

Bring family and friends together in the Roller Team Auto-Roller 747’s masses of relaxation space. Innovative design, solid construction and modern styling combine to deliver an unbelievably sophisticated and well thought out motorhome

Roller Team Auto Roller 747

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