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Roller Team Pegaso 590

At under 6m in length the Pegaso 590 cleverly combines a nimble drive and compact motorhome with sophisticated and first-class living quarters. Discover the Roller Team Pegaso 590 and uncover the most affordable new A-Class motorhome on the market.

Pegaso 590

Roller Team Pegaso 740

Whether travelling as a couple, with young children or as four adults, the Roller Team Pegaso 740 A-Class motorhome magnificently delivers space and comfort on all accounts. Choose this Italian motorhome with european features and a modern interior for life’s journey, no matter where it takes you.

Pegaso 740

Roller Team Pegaso 745

For spacious day time relaxing areas and sumptuous night time sleeping arrangements, choose the four berth, top of the range Roller Team Pegaso 745. With the largest bed coming in at an incredible 7ft by 6.1ft, you’ll never want to return home.

Pegaso 745
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