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Roller Team Zefiro 665
New 2024 Model

The Zefiro 665 is only 6.41m in length, but still gives you a massive garage, 4 berths and travel seats, plus the electric drop down bed.

The Zefiro 665 is a great choice for families or couples who occasionally may decide to take other family members away

24 Zefiro 665 L.png

Roller Team Zefiro 675
New 2024 Model

The ultimate vehicle for large adventurous families, the six berth Roller Team Zefiro 675 makes an ideal family base. The whole family will feel at ease in the 675, thanks to the comfortable and stylish updated upholstery and dark wood furniture and vinyl flooring.

Zefiro 675 L.png

Roller Team Zefiro 685

A popular choice in sporting, travelling families, the Roller Team Zefiro 685 motorhome sleeps up to four people in a combination of fixed and make up beds. The high rear twin beds make way for an abundance of storage space, so all your favourite sporting equipment is never far from hand when you're on the road.

Roller Team Zefiro 685 Motorhome

Roller Team Zefiro 696

Expert craftsmanship is clear in the spacious design of the Zefiro 696, cleverly using every inch of space. If you’re a family who enjoy the finer things in life, the Roller Team Zefiro 696 will allow you to travel wherever your heart desires without compromising on luxurious living.

Roller Team Zefiro 696 Motorhome
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