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Roller Team Auto-Roller 707

AutoRoller 707 Interior
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Autoroller 707

The family's first choice


A combination of both fixed and drop down beds make the basis for the whole family to get a good night’s sleep ready for the next big adventure. Rear bunk beds are great for putting the kids to bed early, whilst the adults make the most of the comfortable and welcoming front lounge finished with soft furnishings. The Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 will never feel overcrowded or cluttered due to ingenious storage spaces. An external locker area is ideal for sports equipment, hinging up the lower bunk provides additional space whilst travelling.

Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Layout

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Protect your investment with Dura-Seal.

  • Easy to wash

  • Protection against bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, sea salt, road film and many other contaminants.

  • No need to wax or polish your vehicle.

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